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What is RubyUnit ?

RubyUnit is a simple testing framework for Ruby.

RubyUnit is copyrighted free software by Masaki Suketa. You can redistribute it under the terms specified in the README file of the Ruby distribution.

Comments and Bug Reports

Feel free to send comments and bug reports about RubyUnit. The author's e-mail address is masaki.suketa at



In Ruby Official page, RubyUnit CVS is available.


Version 0.5.5(2002-08-03)

Version 0.5.4(2002-01-19)

Version 0.5.3(2002-01-12)

Version 0.5.2(2001-12-23)

Version 0.5.1(2001-12-22)

Version 0.5.0(2001-12-17)

Version 0.4.9(2001-12-09)

Version 0.4.8(2001-11-29)

Version 0.4.7(2001-11-24)

Version 0.4.6(2001-11-17)

Version 0.4.5(2001-11-11)

Version 0.4.4(2001-11-03)

Version 0.4.3(2001-10-27)

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